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    111tango escuela estudio
    Freiburgstrasse 111
    CH-3008 Bern
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    Trialclasses 2018

    111 escuela tango estudio

    111tango escuela estudio is a space dedicated to the teaching and propagation of the Tango Argentino

    Under the direction of Mariel Robles, Gonzalo Alonso and Herbert Künzli, 111tango offers three different class modalities: escuela,estudio and workshops.

    ...personalized attention and a relaxing environment based on mutual respect are some of the many characteristics of our classes...

    We also have got a shop with shoes, clothes, tango CDs and more?

    There is much more to say and to see, come and enjoy with us.

    We are waiting for you!

    Gonzalo Alonso, Mariel Robles, Herbert Künzli


    From the 14 of December we are in vacations. We wish to everyone nice holydays, happy Christmas days and a very good start in the new year!

    Beginner classes:
    5 -14 of February: 2 weeks of daily trial classes (Fr. 11.- per person).

    The next beginnerclasses Tango 1 start on:
    Monday, 19 of February 2018, 7-8.20 pm
    Wednesday, 21 of February 2018, 8-9.20 pm


    Semester 1/2018 at a glance

    All classes start in calendar week 6, from the 5 of February on. The first 111practica takes place on the 8 of February. The duration of the semester will be until the 7 of June 2018.

    9 Semesterclases of different level with Gonzalo and Mariel.

    4 workshops with Gonzalo and Mariel are waiting you: 25 of February, 25 of March, 29 of April and 20 of May, (including women technique classes with Mariel!)

    Milonga and Practica
    The cosy and popular 111tangocafé takes place at the following Sundays: 25 of February, 25 of March, 29 of April and 20 of May, 6.00-10.00 p.m. The weekly 111practica is on Thursdays, 8:30 – 10:30 p.m. The first 111practica takes place on the 8 of February.

    The weeked of the 2 and 3 of June we offer a Maestrosweekend with Héctor Corona and Silvina Machado.

    For more information have a look in the menu of our website.

    We are looking foreward to starting with you into the new semester 1/ 2018.

    Gonzalo, Mariel, Herbert

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