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111tango escuela estudio
Freiburgstrasse 111
CH-3008 Bern
+41 31 381 14 02

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In the escuela modality, there is a twelve-week course with a specific program for each level, Tango 1, Tango 2, Tango 3, etc. With the program we are going to share all we know and we hope our experiences will be useful for all Tango lovers.

1. Why a program?
A class program allows the student to learn step by step, makes his/her understanding easier and provides him/her with a good basis to build the dance. Some of the topics included in this program are tango codes, the hug, the steps, the music and the improvisation.

2. How long is the program being used?
The program is being used since the end of 2008, when we started to develop the idea of a school. All our classes are based on this program. It can be said that the school was itinerant before the opening of 111tango, of course. Up to that moment, this program was only being used in Puebla, Mexico.

3. What´s the program about?
The program includes the following basic aspects of the Tango Argentino: structure, dance musicality, technique, improvisation, social aspect.

4. What´s the aim of the program?
The aim of the program is to come up with elements, ideas and experiences to be able to build not only a basis or structure in our dance, but also the search for the personality or style while dancing, always within our Tango Argentino culture.

5. Who is the program for?
For people who wish to dance Tango for the first time.
For dancers who want to relive the first experiences, polish up and order their basis of dance.
For teachers or candidates interested in our system of work.

6. How long is a class?
A class lasts 80 minutes.

7. Is the enrolment for a dancer alone or for a dancer with a dancing partner?
The enrolment is possible only as a couple. Students without dancing partner can use the partner search function on this web page or join the 111practica to connect with other beginners to find a dancing partner.


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