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111tango escuela estudio
Freiburgstrasse 111
CH-3008 Bern
+41 31 381 14 02

Trialclasses 2020

Workshops 2020


In the Estudio modality, students have the chance of attending classes without following a program. Classes are not necessarily related between them, so it is easier for the student to come whenever he/she wants without previous enrolment.

1. Which topics are going to be approached?
A wide variety of topics will be worked, for example: movements, giros, musicality, technique, different elements as sacadas, rebotes, voleos, etc. The topics will be given at the beginning of each class.

2. Who are the classes for?
The classes are Intermediate Level, for people who already dance Tango.

3. Is the enrolment for a single dancer or for a dancer with a dancing partner?
Preferentially, the enrolment is for a dancer with a dancing partner. Students looking for a dancing partner can use the partner search function on this web page or join the 111practica to connect with other students. If the student comes to the class alone, we can´t promise a dancing partner.

4. What are the aims?
To increase knowledge, purify technical aspects and enjoy the social activity that Tango Argentino offers.


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