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111tango escuela estudio
Freiburgstrasse 111
CH-3008 Bern
+41 31 381 14 02

Trialclasses 2020

Workshops 2020


  1. You mustn´t smoke in the room.
  2. You aren´t allowed to film during the classes, please don´t insist. In case teachers give you permission, you will be allowed to film the summaries of the classes. These videos will be only for personal use, and it is not allowed to publish them on pages like Facebook, YouTube, or similar ones. The study has a YouTube channel and a Facebook account where useful videos will be published so that students can remember the work done. Note: the study will film all the summaries of the classes.
  3. Punctuality: in order to respect the other students, you won´t be allowed to come in the class 15 minutes after it has already started.
  4. Before starting the class, students must go to the reception desk and pay for it or show the card.
  5. Cards and class bonuses are untransferable and personal and have their expiration date once the course finishes.
  6. Escuela students must let us know their absences in advance (if possible), so that they can retake the class at another time. According to the direction, classes at school can be retaken in parallel courses twice at most; arrange it in advance.
  7. Once an Escuela program has started, the latest date to join the program will be the third class. In this case, students will have to retake the classes, and arrange them with the direction in advance.
  8. Estudio cards are untransferable and personal and they don´t have an expiration date.
  9. For Estudio classes, you don´t have to enrol in advance, single dancers are welcome, but we can?t promise a dancing partner.
  10. Workshops have to be paid in advance as the places in the class are limited. In case of absence, Fr. 50 will be retained.
  11. Books and/or Cds must be returned to the school in a period of a week, if you need them for a longer period, you can renew the deadline.
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