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111tango escuela estudio
Freiburgstrasse 111
CH-3008 Bern
+41 31 381 14 02

Trialclasses 2020

Workshops 2020


1. Whom are the seminaries for?

They are for experienced dancers with knowledge about: Basic structures
Musicality: tiempos fuertes, tiempos débiles, contratiempos and pausa Technical flexibility, management and  good use of space.

2. What format do the classes have?
They start with a body warm up to dance. Then, dancers will do a technical work with exercises especially chosen for the topic that will be developed. A practical application based on different structures or step sequences will allow us to deepen the topic. Finally, the chosen sequence will be worked with a more convenient and natural musicality. Once this objective is achieved, other musical varieties will be explored.

3. What languages are the courses taught?
The courses are taught in English. Spanish and German will be used as second languages.

4. Program and dates:

Workshops 2019

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