Gonzalo und Mariel

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111tango escuela estudio
Freiburgstrasse 111
CH-3008 Bern
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Gonzalo and Mariel started to work together in 1999. After having developed an intense work as teachers and dancers in the province of Santa Fe, they settled in Buenos Aires city in 2003. Their international development started in 2006. Latin America, Europe and Asia show the continuous growth of this young couple. They are appreciated for their musical creativity, deep knowledge of the dynamic of movements and fantastic capacity for teaching. Personalized attention and a relaxing environment based on mutual respect are some of the many characteristics of their classes. Their mature hug, warmth, sensuality and lovely personality complements perfectly to the sound pedagogy they have developed during all these years.
In January 2011 they founded together with Herbert Künzli the Tangoschool ?111tango, escuela, estudio?, where they are teaching regularly.

Team 111 Tango
Gonzalo und Mariel
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