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    His first tango steps were in the 1990ies. From 2004 he did a continuous work with the Tango Argentino. Several times he stayed in Buenos Aires for periods of months. He was educated at the DNI School of Pablo Villaraza and Dana Frigoli. He did improvement courses with many well-known dancers in Buenos Aires. The most important dancers: Pablo Villaraza and Dana Frigoli, Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne and, of course, Gonzalo Alonso and Mariel Robles. He started to teach in Bern in 2006. He prefers private classes, but he also teached group classes in Bern, Zurich and Sion. Other occupations with body work: Yoga for dancers, with Stella Tettoni and Maxi Garros, DNI Study, Buenos Aires. Pilates and Yoga training in Bern. Five years of Aikido, and a year and a half of body training at ?Totales Theater School?, with Yolanda Rodio, Kulturmühle Lützelflüh, Bern.

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